Monday, May 21, 2012

Boldness itself can create impact

Sometimes, we like to believe that art enhances creativity.
As in, an artistic treatment, a metaphor, an analogy.

Which is also true.
But in my view, not a deal breaker.
Or tipping point.

Sometimes, it is an insight that leads to a very differentiated piece of work.
Or a capture of attitude that labels today's young spirit.

The new Fastrack ad with the girl in the boy's hostel is a good example.
Where the appeal comes from the attitude and therefore the bold behaviour, or action.
Creates a conversation.
Ruffles a few wings maybe.
Puts the brand at the very edge.

Some of the other campaigns that I personally feel stands out , not true artistic animations and CGs or international shoots, but purely through the simplicity of the story and truth that resonates are Women's Horlicks,- where a woman leaves out her own name from the list of things she does everyday, Cadbury's Celebrations series- where each ad brings alive a little nugget of life that calls for a celebration, some of the cola brands that have taken smart cuts on youth edginess etc.

While advertising is not always real, or a mirror effect, a great capture of a spirit that defines today's generation- whether youth, or women or men or kids- are the ones that linger in our minds a little after we have flicked channels.