Monday, March 11, 2013

#TheJoyOfReading: Power of an Idea

The Economist campaign on The Joy of Reading has really set me thinking.

I played it over and over on youtube.
Remembered my mother teaching me my first words from a book.
There was a wooden bed ( called Khaat) in our kitchen those days and I would be perched there with a Nursery Rhyme book repeating "Jack and Jill" after my mother as she hovered and fussed over the kitchen fire.
I remembered daddy and the Enid Blytons he would buy me from Digboi Stores.
Never said No.

For a moment the years dissolved and I was a little girl again.

Such is the power of an idea that engages.

We don't need to rely on celebrities and models and dramatic metaphors  all the time to create impact.
All we need is an understanding of what really engages us and what is it in the brand that can spark this off.

This is as real as can be.
An engagement on film.
Candid shots.
No exaggerations.
No dramatic music scores.
Simple execution.

But touched a chord.
The flood of conversation around it on social media shows this.

I will definitely remember #TheJoyOfReading and the Economist.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Write a brief for the Blue Bird

Creative briefs.
The age old debate continues.

How long.
How much.
How less.
What to include. And exclude.

Agencies have come up with patented formats.
The ACD brief. The Postcard brief. The elevator brief. The 123 brief.

The Blue Bird tweeting every morning has inspired me to create briefs which are a tweet long.

Simplify, cut, slice, dice till we have the length of a tweet.
Can even #hashtag a unique term or promise that we believe has currency for creative inspiration.

Worth a try.
Even if it is for ourselves.

Maybe we template it as The Blue Bird Brief.