Tuesday, January 15, 2013

See the Passion

Passion shows.

It shows in our work.
In our relationships.
Both external and internal.

Have we wondered why sometimes, the same dish we have cooked a thousand times before, lacks that sparkle?
It's not always because the mix was not right. Or the vegetables were not fresh.
It's likely that our mind was so caught up  in other things, that there was no channel left for our passion to permeate into that dish.

Conflicts are healthy, so long as they remain as conflicts over issues.
Unfortunately our minds do not always draw a firm line between the two.
We start disliking the very person or people we interact it.
We take our jobs and lives as something we are saddled up with, and cannot give up.

And it shows.
That is why, with all boxes ticked, some lives seem  fuller than others.
Some work appear to have a soul, we can see the passion and honest efforts in it.
The energy focussed on it gleams out and makes that difference between good and great.
Or acceptable and fantastic.

So yes, passion does show.
In everything we do and say.