Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finance and Service Brands. Have you checked the Influencer Rating?

The thought came up over the morning breakfast tea.
But I have stolen it with pride as I feel it is hugely relevant for the world of brands today.

Most of the organisations, especially financial and service brands, have credit rating tools .
That de-layer the prospective  consumer to a point where she stands exposed to the core.
Every possible and imaginable form of data  are asked for and supplied.
Attested. Registered. Signed. Sealed. Stamped. In triplicate.

And there is absolutely no denying the fact that this is necessary.
No wants numbers in red at the year end.

However, how many of these brands have also looked at the Influencer Rating of a person, while analysing the Credit Rating?
Who is this consumer? A faceless signature on an excel sheet?
Just five minutes of Google is all one needs.
In fact, I am sure that there can be apps and tools designed around this that can work as precisely as a Credit rating. And does not need Googling.

Everyone is an Influencer. In one way or the other.
But some are stronger than others.
Those who are vociferous on social media and have a considerable set of fans and followers.
Those who seem to have a professional or entrepreneurial standing that is recognised and applauded.
High awareness of social good and social progress.
Actively engaged in such discussions.
A face that Google images picks up from across sites and does not confuse with similar sounding names from the third image itself.
And quite a few other parameters.

Such consumers are a very strong source of advocacy.
Brand Advocacy.
Both good and not so good facets.
Experience is everything.

A strong Influencer can spark off a stronger domino effect from a brand experience, either ways, than all advertising put together.
Because they have something a lot of us don't.
It matters.